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Welcome to the 'central station' of everything related to the Affordable Agility Affiliate Program!  From here you can sign up, get current policies and rates, download colorful links to use on your website, and manage your account!

Click on any of these links to move around this site:

  • How the Program Works
    • Go here to get the general "step-by-step" process for what you'll be doing to get started making money in this program.
  • FAQ's
    • Go here to read commonly asked questions.
  • Agreement
    • Read this before signing up, as well as before going to your account management section.  Policies and the commission rate is subject to change.  This is where any news is posted.
  • Links Help
    • This page contains information on how to add links to your website.  We provide you a colorful array of links that you can use, for free, that are successful in attracting customers to click on them.
  • Sign Up
    • This is how you get a unique "affiliate number" to use in the hyperlink of the above links.  You will also be requested to create a password.
  • Account Management
    • This is YOUR log-in page, where you can view your current commission status (see sales made, dates, amounts), as well as change your mailing address, etc..

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RESELLER/AFFILIATE HELP DESK:  585-229-7979   ---   24 hr. Fax 585-229-4010
  E-mail Us: We promptly return all calls & emails.

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