Breakaway Tire

Care & Maintenance:

Can I leave it outside?

You can leave it outside, but we do suggest bringing it inside or covering it (a plastic bag will do) if you are concerned about sun fading of colors. The hockey tape surface will fade over time with exposure to the sun. You may choose to spray it with a can of clear coat UV resistant spray (will slightly discolor and harden the surface), which you can get at any larger hardware store. Though the tire can be easily rewrapped right over the old wrap (which is also a good time to jazz it up to a different color!). The included customer instructions contain tips for buying tape and rewrapping your tire.

How do I clean it?

If it should get extremely dirty or muddy, it can be washed off with dish soap, warm water, and a rag. You can even hose it off. The tire is porous, so you will want to let it hang dry in the sun.

How should I store it?

When storing your tire with it not hanging from a tire jump frame, it is best to store in a closed round shape laying on a flat surface. Extended periods laying on a irregular surface will cause the tire to misshape. To correct a misshapen tire, merely force it into correct position by closing the tire into a round shape and lay it on a flat surface. Then place something heavy enough on top of it to force it flat. It will correct itself after a period of time.

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