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Dog Walk Information Page...

Here you will find commonly asked questions and shipping information about the Dog Walk Bases we sell.  Drop us a line if you have any further comments - we appreciate your input!

"What exactly must I get to complete this obstacle?" 
(Note: you can print out this page if you will be getting your supplies early, but we will send this information again with the assembly instructions)

* 8 foot boards if you get the 36" base kit (12" wide, 2" thick).  
* 12 foot boards if you get the 48" base kit (12" wide, 2" thick) 
Finding the right wood board at your local home improvement store is easy. The board to get is common framing lumber. It is the same wood that contractors would use for framing a deck or house. The type of wood is relatively unimportant. Pine is fine, hemlock fir, etc. Though, pressure treated is not suggested, as these have a tendency to be VERY heavy, and really donít need to be pressure treated anyhow, as you will be painting it. The trick is finding a decent piece out of the stack that isn't overly warped or cracked. Though it doesn't need to be perfect, as a coat of paint goes a long way. Depending on your need for this obstacle, you can get a 8', 10', 12' long, etc. If they donít have the smaller size you are looking for, get longer and cut down the length (sometimes home improvement stores will cut it for you). In regards to the width and thickness of the board, common framing lumber is 'labeled', or referred to by numbers that are rounded up to a whole number. For example, 2"x12"x(length) has an actual measurement of approximately 1-1/2"x11-1/2"x(length). Or a 2"x10"x(length) has actual of approximately 1-1/2"x9-1/2"x(length). This is okay, they will work great for your obstacle. Choose your board width (i.e. 10" or 12") and length (i.e. 8', 10', or 12') in accordance to the obstacle being made, and as called out in assembly instructions provided with your obstacle, or as specified here. 

*  yellow paint for the "contact zones"
* some other contrasting color of your choice.  Blue is popular.

A 1/2 gallon is all you need for each color, though you may want more for touch- ups. Exterior paint is highly recommended, latex is better than oil for ease of cleanup, and semi-gloss is best.

You will need to drill holes in the boards for the bolts to attach the hinges to. You could screw them on with wood screws, but it is more secure to bolt them on.

"What is the competition height?"

AKC specifications are for the 48" height. USDAA rules also require the 48" height - If you are having a trial, you may want to check current rules on the website of the organization you will be accountable to. For backyard practice, either one is just fine. Of course the shorter 36" high is good for portability and space, since it uses shorter 8' long boards. The higher 48" bases use 12' long boards, but the nice feature is that it can be lowered to 36" high. This may be handy when introducing the Dog Walk (training beginner dogs, etc.), and then simply raise to the 48"for a challenge and practice for Competition.

"Why the extra supports on the 48" tall DogWalk Kit?"

When using 12' long boards, there can be a little "bounce" when the dog jumps on the planks. The Bounce is alleviated by having extra support under both those ramps.

"Are the sand and slats necessary?"

Yes, both are necessary for anti-slip traction. They are also required according to the specifications set forth by Agility Groups (no slats necessary on the top plank, only sand). We suggest dividing your sand up into several parts prior to sprinkling it onto the wet painted board surface, so that you dont use too much on any one board, and thus potentially run out. We include enough sand, though if you want some extra just in case, you will want to buy 'play sand', and you can be purchased it at home improvement/hardware stores, such as Lowes, Home Depot.

"How easy is it to separate the boards?"

Very easy with our quick pull-out pin hinges. No tools needed.

More questions?  Please feel free to email us!



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