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  Duffle Jump Info. Page...

Here you will find commonly asked questions and shipping information for the Duffle Jumps we sell.  Drop us a line if you have any ideas, we'd love to hear from you!

"What are The Jumps Made Of, and why are the called Duffle Jumps?"

The Duffle Jumps are made out of a thinner 1/2" pipe size. They are called Duffle Jumps because the 42" long bar breaks apart at the center, so you can pack them up in a duffle bag (the common sport bag).  Bag not included.

"How Do They Compare to Competition Jumps?"

Competition jumps are made of a thicker pipe size, have high support bars on the side, and are immediately adjustable for all height sizes.  The bars are also "displaceable", so if a dog knocks a bar, it will fall off.  Our Duffle  Jumps are not adjustable (however you can order them in a variety of sizes).  The bars are fixed, so they don't fall off.  Instead, they are so lightweight, they just tip over if the dog knocks the bar.

"I'm afraid my dogs might run under the bar"

Make sure that you don't have a height that is too tall for your dog to jump, and that you are familiar with what his "jump standard" is.  We have a page to help here.  Also, your dog may not be feeling well -  but you will know by how he performs other obstacles as well, not just the jump.  If you think that it is just a bad habit that he is developing, don't give him any treats.  Just silently return him back to the front of the jump, and have him do it again.  Stand on the other side and block your dog from coming under with your leg.  You can also string across the jumps a couple pieces of rope or string, underneath the top bar.  This will keep your dog from running under the jumps.  Eventually you will be able to move the ropes farther apart (leaving a larger space between), and then take them off altogether.

"You have different kinds of jumps. Which ones should I get?"

To help you decide, here is a summary of our simple bar jumps

1) DUFFLE JUMPS:  (most affordable)  If you have one dog that is full grown, these would work fine for you.  They are "fixed" to one height (your choice), but if you have more than one dog, or a growing dog, you can order a variety of sizes rather than one all size.  They are also "portable" - the long jump bar disconnects in half, and you can pack a half-dozen of them in one small bag.

2) ECONOMY ADJUSTABLE  A scaled-down version of our competition jumps, with 1 bar resting on 1 pair of jump cups (which is adjustable to any size)

3) COMPETITION ADJUSTABLE  If you want the best quality jump available (for still an affordable price), or plan to use your jumps for club use, matches, or trials, then these are all built in accordance with the necessary specifications. 

More questions?  Please feel free to email us!

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