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Practice See-saw Base Information Page...

Here you will find commonly asked questions about our Practice See-Saw Base. Please Email or call us if you have any other questions not answered here.

"How does the board attach to the base & How easy is it? "

To remove the board, you simply pull out the fulcrum pipe from the frame and lift off the board. This is a unique design that we are very proud of! After you prepare and paint your plank, you will need a powered screwdriver or drill with a phillips head bit to screw some supplied brackets onto the bottom side of the painted plank. The instructions will guide you step by step. It's all very easy. After you install the brackets to your board, you can put on or take off the board from the base quickly and easily.

"How is the height adjusted?""

The practice model is not adjustable. It is at competition height of 24".

"How sturdy is this base as compared to bases made of other materials, such as wood, steel, or aluminum?""

It is strong enough to hold the weight of 10 men! (but don't try this at home - it's too outrageous a sight). The base is very sturdy - it will safely hold the weight of any size dog.

"Can I use a shorter board?"

A shorter board can be used, though is not recommended because it is not to specifications set by agility venues, and your teeter board will have a steeper incline.

"What exactly must I get to complete this obstacle?"

You will receive customer instructions that includes the information below as well as step by step instructions for adding traction, painting, and preparing your wood board…
1) 2 inch x 12 inch x 12 foot wood board…
Finding the right wood board at your local home improvement store is easy. The board to get is common framing lumber. It is the same wood that contractors would use for framing a deck or house. The type of wood is relatively unimportant. Pine is fine, hemlock fir, etc. Though, pressure treated is not suggested, as these have a tendency to be VERY heavy, and really don’t need to be pressure treated anyhow, as you will be painting it. The trick is finding a decent piece out of the stack that isn't overly warped or cracked. Though it doesn't need to be perfect, as a coat of paint goes a long way. Because your teeter will be 24” tall, and in order for your teeter plank to have the correct angle after set up, you will want to get a 12 foot long board. It will also want to be a 2” x 12”. In regards to the width and thickness of the board, common framing lumber is 'labeled', or referred to by numbers that are rounded up to a whole number. For example, 2" thick x 12" wide (as you need to get) has an actual measurement of approximately 1-1/2" thick x 11-1/2" wide (this is what you need). The length you need of 12 feet is exact (though it is okay if it is an inch or two more or less than 12 feet).
2) Exterior Paint (satin or semi-gloss exterior latex paint)
You will need yellow paint for the "contact zones", and some other contrasting color of your choice for the center part (typically blue). A 1/2 gallon is all you need for each color. Many paint stores and larger home & garden stores have mis-matched "oops" paints for $3-4 a gallon. You might be able to at least find a nice color for the center part of the board (and maybe yellow, if you're really lucky). Exterior paint is recommended. Don't get gloss, as it may be too slippery, but rather get semi-gloss or satin (with preference on semi-gloss). Latex paint is also recommended over oil, as it features easy water clean-up.
3) Sand
You can get a 50lb bag of kid's play sand for about $5. You wont need all of it, but it doesn’t hurt to have extra. Traction is NECESSARY for safety and dog's ability to control the board.



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