How will it wear and hold up in different weather conditions?

Pampered-Paws is completely weatherproof, and will retain its superior grip for even the fastest dogs! You can leave it outside during spring, winter, summer and fall. Though for the sake of all other parts of your obstacle, we do suggest covering your obstacle or bringing it inside during the harshest times of the seasons.

The colored rubber granules are UV resistant. The glue is not, though does not need to be, as the glue is not exposed to the sun, given that there is rich, thick layer of rubber granules.

Just like your car tires, which takes much more abuse, Pampered Paws rubber surfacing will last for many years. Given the unique application method of Pampered Paws, that allows for a rich and thick layer of granules, you may expect years of use without significant wear. In the case of significant wear, you may reapply rubber granules to spot repair these areas. Though you may expect that this will not be in your future, unless your obstacle gets years of high use.

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