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Tunnel Holder Saddle Bags - Blue
These tunnel saddlebags hold your competition tunnel securely in place on any surface! More »

Reg. $55.95
SALE: $40
Puddle Jumper
Looking for a fun, interesting agility obstacle with a twist? Think you've seen and done them all? Not if you haven't done a puddle jumper! More »

Reg. $37.95
SALE: $32
Pause Box
Not nearly as common as the Pause Table, but occasionally used in some trials.. More »

Reg. $22.95
SALE: $19
Dog Breed Poster
Full-color 25in x 38in wall poster that features more than 145 breeds currently... More »

Reg. $16.95
SALE: $13
Start & Finish Marker Poles
Ready, set, go! Know where to start, and where to finish with this 4-piece marker pole set. More »

Reg. $39.95
SALE: $34
12 ft Practice Chute
Chutes are a part of an obstacle called the Closed Tunnel. This 12' Chute is a practice version of our competition chute… More »

Reg. $44.95
SALE: $35
Weave-a-Matic Set
For light backyard use, this weave pole set is portable and versatile and can be used for weave-a-matic training style... More »

Reg. $59.95
SALE: $49
Only 3 left at this price!
Winter WonderLand Bundle
Fall Fun Bundle.Stock up on a few Agility accessories. This bundle includes a variety of 6 leash tabs… More »

Reg. $47.15
SALE: $22
Only 3 left at this price!
Vinyl Tape Bundle
A colorful agility course can be more appealing and fun. Six assorted colors… More »

Reg. $19.95
SALE: $12
Super Giant Tunnel
The oversize 28in diameter of this Super Giant tunnel is great for larger breeds.... More »

Reg. $134.95
SALE: $121
Large Duffle Bag
Size: 30in long x 14in diameter. Solid black, thick and strong pvc lined 900 Denier polyester will carry a lot of equipment… More »

Reg. $34.95
SALE: $28
Weave-Pole Wire Training Guides (for 12 pole weaves)
These are the best wires we've ever used! Wire guides are helpful in teaching your dog to weave... More »

Reg. $72.95
SALE: $58
Stick-in-Ground Weave Poles
Weaves are a must-have for any agility trainer! You can't get simpler than this set - just push the spiked poles into the ground in a straight line. More »

Reg. $45.95
SALE: $38
Only 1 left at this price!
Dog MAGIC Interactive Game
Skill level: Easy. 'I paw this, I magically get a treat! Oh, boy!' Keep your dog guessing which bone the treats are under. More »

Reg. $38.95
SALE: $22
Only 10 left at this price!
Metal Round Head Spikes
Round Head Spikes can be used for so many things!! More »

Reg. $52.50
SALE: $12
Only 4 left at this price!
Powder Coated TDAA 21in VersaWeaves 12 Pole Set
Searching for a low price on our TDAA 21in VersaWeaves? The VersaWeaves are a versatile, More »

Reg. $364.95
SALE: $200
Conditioning Ladder
Many dogs don't know they have back feet! They go where their noses and eyes lead them, and everything else just follows. More »

Reg. $59.95
SALE: $45
Only 1 left at this price!
Schleich Dog Agility Scenery Pack (Retired)
Schleich Dog Agility Scenery Pack (Retired) contains miniature training equipment such as a seesaw, weaving and jumping poles and an A frame. These are all miniature play toy pieces. More »

Reg. $25.00
SALE: $13.50


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