Competition Tire Jump

Tire Specifications:

Standard tire has a 24 inner diameter, 32 outer diameter, and a 4 thickness. Smaller diameter tires are available upon request. Tire comes undecorated and collapsed for shipping. Tire will need to be warmed in the sun and straightened out. Once straightened, you will make a circle from it, and tape it in any fun pattern you choose. Included are two rolls of 2 wide vinyl tape, one blue and one red. This and more information, including assembly pictures, is included with the customer assembly instructions. Tire comes with all weather velcro straps for hanging from the frame as well as side straps to keep the tire centered in frame. Breakaway tire comes ready to use out of the box. See the Breakaway tire web page for more information and specifications on the safety breakaway tire.

Frame Specifications:

Frame is constructed of UV stabilized 1-1/4 furniture grade pvc pipe. Overall dimensions are 52 wide, 63 tall, with supporting legs being 35 overall length. Top of frame has holes drilled on underside of pipe at locations to give tire jump height of 4 to 24 in 2 increments. S-clip attached to plastic coated wire hooks into these holes to give height adjustment. UV resistant clear sticker sheet clearly marks hole locations and jump heights. Frame has been carefully designed to break down for storage and transport, while having overall strength and integrity during use. Some fittings are permanently glued.

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