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"Happy with the whole experience"
Just want to let you know that I received my "Agility in a Bag" order today and I love it! I am very impressed with the way it was organized and packed for easy assembling and it is much sturdier than I expected. Your web site is very helpful and placing my order was easy. And my order came quickly and in perfect condition. I am happy with the whole experience and thank you for that.
Nancy (Minnesota)
"My Dog Loves It!"
Very organized and easy to assemble. My dog loves it and it is simple to store or take apart. Can't wait to use the bag when traveling!
Elizabeth (Florida)
"Extremely Practical"
Just wanted to send a heart felt thank you for shipping to the high arctic in Canada. I received my package and had it out for the first time today. I am really excited to be able to bring dog agility here and wanted to extend my thanks to your company! The agility in a bag set is a perfect starter kit for me and extremely practical and easy to pack to and from the tundra.
"Great Product"
Thanks for making a great product. Ours is ready for its second dog. Its a great, simple to use, easy to store agility set to get these dogs off to a good start and provide hours of good training for them.
John (Kentucky)
I have been searching for a quality agility set for home use with our active little Miniature Schnauzer, Gracie Blue. I just received this product yesterday and was very pleased with the quality of the pieces. Everything was there and the instructions were CLEAR so I put it together lickety-split and introduced each item to Gracie Blue. SHE LOVED IT!
Everett (Washington)
"Years of use!"
I purchased your Agility in a Bag from you many years ago. I am still using the Agility in a Bag. Your products and your customer service are outstanding. I will continue to recommend your products to others.
I wasn't expecting much because of the low price, but it turned out to be an awesome product. I have a blue heeler/german shepard mix that I wanted to train in agility. I am new to the sport, so this product looked right up my alley. It was ready to assemble right out of the box. I started with the weave poles. While using it, the poles stayed on and in place while I was training. It was ready to disassemble and store when not in use. I would recommend this to those wanted to try their hand at agility training. It gives you the basics to get started at an affordable price.
"Best Experience"
Love the product. Especially loved the user friendly assembly directions. The parts for each agility item were wrapped together and labelled. Best assembly experience I have ever had. The agility items are a good quality too. I'm 100% satisfied.
"Having Fun"
This was much higher quality than I expected based on the pictures! It is very sturdy, but easy to put together! We are having so much fun!
"If only..."
Thank you so much for providing an excellent product. The instructions were 100% clear and the various products were well labelled and identified. If only all products we bought online were as well done.
Jennifer (Maryland)
"Love the Quality"
The first product I ever bought from you was the "agility in a bag," many, many years ago. Can't even tell you how many years of fun my dogs and I had with that set. They have since passed on at ripe old ages, and now I have a new puppy. Love the quality of your products; so that in addition to the original set, I've added on your teeter... and now the A-Frame!
"Pleasantly Suprised"
We love your Agility in a Bag!! Pleasantly surprised at how sturdy and big it is. Will be recommending to all of our advanced clients and in touch when we need more. Thanks again!
"Repeat customer..."
Just wanted to drop a line and say how amazing your agility in a bag has been for us. I've been using it for about 10 years now and it's in great condition and trained 3 of my dogs. The new puppy is really into it. I just purchased another kit from you to send to my sister in LA for her new pup! She has been watching all of our training videos, so here's her chance! Thanks for making my time with my dogs so fun. This thing has paid itself off in spades over the time I've had it!
Pat (Canada)
"A real pleasure to do business with..."
Thank you for being so very helpful and accommodating. It's a real pleasure to do business with someone who is so easy to work with and places such a priority on customer service - a rare find these days. Just want you to know it is appreciated.
Misty (Pennsylvania)
"This is fun!"
I've only tried part of this, but my dog seems to enjoy jumping over the bar and I'm really enjoying it. I think it will help her lose weight. It arrived on time (actually early) and was exactly what I was expecting.
Kathryn (Portland)
"Getting another one"
We have labs, and my daughters love to play with them in the yard. My wife bought this set for them, and I think its a great product. It's not just for kids. The bag is great and manages to fit everything. The chute attached to the tunnel (held on by elastic) sometimes pulls off when our big guy runs through it, but I fixed this problem by clipping binder clips around the rim. I would recommend this set. I'm actually getting another one for my other daughter, as they each have a dog.
"A great practice set"
Great agility set for the price. This set is just as described. A great practice set. Not competition quality but for the price, you can't beat it.
"Fun for your dog & family"
We're enthusiastic after the first day. It's easy to assemble and disassemble and adjust. Our dog (a border collie) is enjoying it and learned the tunnel and jumps in a few minutes. We're going to work on the weave tomorrow.
Agility in a bag is great! So worth the money! My dog loves it and is running through the obstacles like a pro! Again very good quality and worth the money!
"Agility in the Bag"
You cannot do better for the price. This is a great first investment in agility equipment. Everything is meticulously wrapped and labeled - it takes all of 20 minutes to have everything set up. Excellent buy - highly recommend - maybe nor for big dogs, but for toys and mediums is wonderful.
Elisheva (Florida)
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