Breakaway Tire


What do I get with the tire?

You will receive, along with the tire:

  • A complete breakaway tire w/ installed hinge and rare earth Neodymium permanent magnets... Ready to use out of the box!
  • Two all weather velcro side straps that go around your frame’s upright posts, with easy to use snap clips that attach to the side of the tire.
  • Snap clip that attaches to the top of the tire’s hinge and to the chain or cable on your frame.
  • Two optional use all weather velcro straps for making your tire automatically reset after opening (see below).
  • Easy to read instructions with pictures.

When the bottom opens, does it automatically reset?

Your choice! We include two top hinge straps that enable the tire to react differently after opening. Without the straps attached the tire is more likely to open and stay apart, making faults more obvious from afar. This requires resetting the tire manually. With the straps attached it is more likely to reset back to original position after 2-3 seconds of a fault.

Will it work with my tire jump frame?

It will work with any of our competition tire jump frames. It will also work with the majority of other frames, as most are built to common specifications. The basic needs of your frame in order to work with our Breakaway Tire are two upright posts, that the tire will hang between, that measure between 38” to 59” apart. If your frame is larger, we can provide you with longer side straps. You will also need either cable or chain hanging from the top of your frame. Included is a snap clip that attaches to the top of the tire and then to the loop or chain on your frame. Again, we will help make the tire work with your frame. If after you receive your tire you are not able to make it work with your frame, please do call or email us. Though we are confident that it will work with any frame that meets these minor needs.

What size is the tire?

Dimensions are approximately 32” round x 2-1/4” deep with a 4” facing surface, and a 24” inner diameter.

Can I use it in a competition?

Though it meets specifications for AKC obstacle standards, it is not advised to use in a competition without a judge's consent. Judges sometimes utilize a scale clipped to the side of the tire, which they pull to measure at what force the magnets break apart. AKC requires magnet release at 18lbs. Though our Breakaway Tire is set to break apart at 18lbs, it's safety foam tire will bend during this test (whereas a hard plastic breakaway tire does not bend). Due to this design, a scale pulling on the side of the Breakaway Tire will cause the magnets to pull apart at random angles, giving varied measurements. Here at Affordable Agility, our design team painstakingly tested the Breakaway Tire to achieve optimal results that mimic the AKC test’s end result... a tire that will open when it needs to, but stays closed under normal use or minor toe touches.

Can I leave it outside?

You can leave it outside, but we do suggest bringing it inside or covering it (a plastic bag will do) if you are concerned about sun fading of colors. If it should get extremely dirty or muddy, it can be washed off with dish soap, warm water, and a rag.

What is the surface of the tire?

It has a rugged hockey tape surface that withstands strong abuse while having a pleasant look and a soft feel. Hockey tape also benefits over other tapes in how neatly it wraps around irregular shapes such as an agility tire. The tire can be easily rewrapped, right over the old wrap. So you can jazz it up any way you would like! The included customer instructions contain tips for buying tape and rewrapping your tire.

Can I get it in different colors or patterns?

No, we are sorry, not at this time. In order to keep costs down as well as have this product ready to ship to you, we are limiting our stock to include only this one style and color. Though the tire can be easily rewrapped (see above).

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