Dog Agility Essentials Specifications

  • Perfect for any size dog except the largest of breeds.

  • Made of weatherproof and durable UV resistant furniture grade 1 OD pvc pipe and fittings.

  • Comes undecorated, ready for you to create your own designs with the included colored vinyl tape.

  • Adjustable Tire Jump: 24" inner diameter hoop slides up or down the side uprights for adjusting jump height. Tire stays securely in place and will not twist in frame or become misshaped. The tire separates at the bottom if your dog should hit it, just like a safety breakaway tire.

  • Adjustable Bar Jump: Has a 36 wide displaceable jump bar (for safety) that adjusts to any height by sliding the two snap-on jump cups up or down the side uprights. Adjusts as low as ground level for training and puppies, or as high as 30" for big jumpers. Jump cups are custom molded with rounded edges for safety.

  • Weave Pole Set: 6 pole set has 30" tall poles spaced at 24" apart. For safety and comfort, base feet are opposite the path your dog runs. These weaves can also be used in the popular 2x2 training method by removing base pieces.
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