What makes Pampered-Paws different than all other coating systems?

The Pampered-Paws kits have been specially developed to a perfect blend of glue and rubber, along with a proven application method. The end result gives advantages over other rubber surfacing techniques. Unlike ‘sprinkle methods’ of application, which can be patchy and wear quickly, Pampered-Paws is beautifully uniform in appearance and lasts much longer!

Another advantage of Pampered Paws Rubber Coating is, unlike skins and wet pour methods, that it does not add much weight to the obstacle, relative to the pre-existing weight of the obstacle. Skins and wet pour methods of surfacing result in much more cumbersome weight.

So what is our secret to the success of Pampered-Paws over other rubber surfaces? We don’t mind telling you! Where ‘sprinkle’ methods fail is that there is not enough glue, not enough granules, and the application technique is all wrong. We know, we tried everything! We performed countless tests to perfect the application technique. The method is simple, though too much to explain here. Included with each kit are, easy to understand, picture orientated, application instructions. Along with the special application technique, we provide a gross amount of glue and granules. The large amount of glue and granules is required, by the application technique, in order to achieve the soft and uniform layer of rubber. We made sure you have more than enough of both as well! After finishing application, and after drying, you will rub off the excess granules that did not bond (a necessary loss). The surface will continue for a period to shed some more granules, though this shedding will diminish over time and use. What you will be left with is an amazingly uniform and soft surface!

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