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If your serious about dog agility and want the absolute best, then you will love this seesaw plank. It truly can't get any better than this! It is built tough, exceeds sanctioned competition standards, and outshines other teeter planks in several very important areas…

  • Width of plank is a true 12 inches...
    As preferred by all organizations, clubs, and just about everyone, for the safety of our dogs.

  • Made truly from all aluminum...
    Making it lighter weight, and weather resistant. Even the top surface is solid 1/8 inch thick aluminum, which is much stronger than foam cored aluminum panels. There are no fasteners, everything is professionally welded. This thing is built strong! It has NO twist, whip, or oil can effect (surface will not ‘give’ or feel spongy when weight is applied).

  • Surface is topped with wet pour rubber granules...
    The preferred contact obstacle surface for comfort, speed, safety, and traction. This is a professionally applied, minimal thickness (to reduce weight), balance blended rubber surface that will last a decade. Skin is made from TPV rubber granules from American Recycling, the best quality virgin polymer. It has a dust free, uniform granule size, that is UV resistant. The binder has been specially developed by Dow Chemical. Hose it off, power wash it, leave it outside in the elements… it can handle it! Plus, it looks beautifully amazing. No sloppy job here… it has no bleed through of glue, a consistent thickness of rubber, and a blend of rubber and binder throughout that makes for a much more comfortable surface for your dogs paws, without ever shedding. It is able to handle the rigorous activity of kennels, shelters, training centers, and competitions.

  • Meets and exceeds sanctioned competition standards...
    Dimensions are 12 feet long x 12 inches wide, with 42 inch yellow contact zones on each end, and royal blue center. Predrilled pivot point is slightly off center, to allow the teeter to reset itself.
CLICK HERE to see more pictures.
Important: This is the plank only. To complete the teeter, you will need a base. You can buy our Adjustable Aluminum Seesaw Base separately.

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Competition See-saw Plank ... $579
Important note: We are in the process of manufacturing the see-saw planks, and due to recent government trade tariffs, raw aluminum is currently a volatile market. Price shown is our best estimate, though could vary. If you place an order via the shopping cart, we will not charge your credit card. We will closely work with you in all regards, including your approval of the price and when it will be available to ship. Feel free to email us if you would like more information.
Ship Note: This must ship by freight truck. If you place an order using the shopping cart, the shipping charge will not show. Instead, we will call and email you after you place the order to give you the quote and talk about details. We will get your permission before charging your credit card.
Adjustable Aluminum See-saw Base (Click Here for more info.) ... $269
Note: The see-saw base can ship via regular UPS, has current pricing, and is in stock.

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