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Click here to go to the Program Page! Introduction:

Affordable Agility's Drop-Ship Program requires a little more work on your end, but no upfront costs. You don't have to stock or ship anything out, as we do all the shipping. Basically you "take orders" for a certain selection of equipment (our "Drop-Ship Selection"), collect the money, and we ship it to your customer.   

You can take orders by either of these methods:

1) From a website.  You would need to create an online virtual store of our "Drop-Ship Selection" and take orders using a shopping cart, or however you do it now.

2) Directly from your clients or customers.  You would show or give them a "Drop-Ship Catalog" (which can be printed online) and take their orders.  This does not require any website or programming knowledge.  You can simply put the catalogs 'on the counter', or you can hand them out - the amount of sales you make is dependant on how ambitious you want to be.

Why you would choose this program:

  • You have a website, but you don't want to send anyone off of it.  You are willing to program your website with shopping cart code, etc. to take orders directly, and allow us to ship to your customers.

  • You don't have a website, but you do have "clients" or "customers" who are interested in equipment.  You don't want to buy the equipment (and stock it) at wholesale, but you do want to make a little money on the equipment that you sell to them

To get started or login:

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