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Learning Center!

Introduction to Agility

Can my dog do agility?
Baby steps in training
Basic Do's and Don'ts

Overview of the obstacles
Training Tips for each obstacle
What to Call Each Obstacle

Help with dogs that are slow, scared, stubborn and crazy!

Joining a class
Entering a competition

General Rules

The organizations
Groups, discussion boards etc.

Groups, Discussion Boards, etc.

Other Ways of Getting Involved

A great way to learn more about dog agility is to connect with others. "Email Groups" are fun and easy to join. Basically when someone sends an email, it gets sent to the whole group (including you). You can read it, ignore it, or respond. If you respond, it will be sent to the whole group to read. Simply go the appropriate yahoo website link and register. You can register in as many as you'd like, but warning: the more you join, the more mail you get. Check with each group to see how "active" they are. Last time we checked, one of the larger groups was circulating only about a few emails a day. You can cancel at any time if you get too much mail. You can also make a setting in your email server (i.e. Outlook Express) to sort those emails into a special folder so they don't crowd out your regular mail. Then you can read them later.

Note: Some of these groups may not be up-to-date, so please let us know if you have any problems with any.

A general list about dog agility training.
For handlers and trainers who want to discuss (analytically) dog agility training techniques and obstacle performance.
specifically on AKC agility.

A list for anyone (including agility instructors) with an interest in agility for handlers with physical challenges.
A list for handlers training puppies for future participation in performance sports.
For people who are training rescue dogs in agility.
For small dog agility handlers.
Also for people with small dogs.
For people with giant agility dogs (the majority of participants own Great Danes).

Focuses on Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky, New York, and Michigan areas.
Specific to the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast region of the country; does not allow postings for events that exclude mix breeds.

A list for sharing agility courses and sequences.
For people starting new agility clubs.
A list for people teaching or planning to teach agility classes.
A place for AKC agility judges to communicate with each other.

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