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What Our Customers Say...
"Contact Obstacles"
We are so happy with the quality of the equipment. It was packaged extremely well, and assembly was easy – the instructions were clear and all bags and boxes were labeled. But most importantly, the quality is excellent: everything is solid, stable, and sturdy. No wobbling, bouncing, or anything else that might spook or injure the dogs. It’s so rare these days to see such obvious care and attention to detail.
"Best money we've spent"
I love everything I have bought from Affordable Agility! All of my dogs love it too (especially the tunnel). My husband said the agility equipment is the best money we have spent on anything in years and years.
"Thank you!!!"
Just wanted to let you know that I have always received good service from your company – along with good prices for the equipment I purchase. My orders are packed and delivered in good condition. I’m slowly building my course with piece by piece and Affordable Agility is who I purchase from. I just saw the pictures of everyone on the website… and of course, the dogs! Please thank your staff for their hard work. Good people can never hear enough “thank you”!!!
"Agility Essentials Kit"
These are great and definitely worth the price. Have a kit by another company and it's not as nice or sturdy as these. Will be buying more equipment from you in the very near future. Packaged well and arrived when expected.
"Very Positive"
I’ve bought a number of products from you, all of which have been better than advertised with superb, clear, well-illustrated directions. Pricing is better than anywhere else, and the customer service is so good it’s like going back in time; by contrast, some of your competitors are just downright cranky and overpriced. I also appreciate the construction advice, combining shipments to save me on shipping without being asked to, the consistently excellent quality of your products, and the lighting fast shipping, Everything about Affordable Agility has been very, very positive. You are now my sole go to source for all my agility needs. I can't thank you enough for everything.
Mico (Maine)
"Excellent Customer Service"
Hi, I wanted to let you know I received everything I ordered. I also wanted to thank you for excellent customer service. I will definitely be recommending your company because of the service you provided. Thank you.
Lisa (Oklahoma)
Wow!!!! I ordered much the same equipment from a very reputable dog magazine... on back order for weeks... no communication. Needless to say, once I put my order in with your company I cancelled that "back order". Thank you for prompt responses; your communications are why you are successful. My dog is looking forward to playing his new games (currently taking agility classes). Thank you again.
"Agility Essentials Kit"
Howdy, I want to thank you for making such an excellent product. I called and discussed your product with a very nice woman last week. I originally was looking only for weave poles, but after reading about your Agility Essentials kit, decided to order that. It was shipped quickly and arrived in less than a week. I was pretty nervous about the whole idea, but after reading your directions and assembling the three obstacles, I was very happy. The directions were clear and useful. The quality of the equipment was much better than I expected. I really appreciate your quality equipment and look forward to using it for many years.
Steve (Washington)
"Always Impressed"
Just wanted to let you know that my dog walk and A frame arrived this afternoon. They are both in perfect condition. My husband and I got the A frame set up before it started pouring rain, typical Oregon October day! I checked to make sure all the parts were there for the dog walk, and we will get it set up another day. I am always impressed with the quality of your products. Thank you!
Janee (Oregon)
"Sturdy well built product"
I just wanted to let you know the tire jump arrived yesterday. Everything went together easily, less assembly than I thought there would be. This is a sturdy well built product and it looks great. I worked my dog through the jump multiple times last night, she did great. Thank you for a great tire jump. I will be checking your site first for any additional agility equipment I need.
Richard (Michigan)
Thanks, got it and it was pristine. You guys do a great job packing! I am impressed.
Sue (South Carolina)
"Happy with the whole experience"
Just want to let you know that I received my "Agility in a Bag" order today and I love it! I am very impressed with the way it was organized and packed for easy assembling and it is much sturdier than I expected. Your web site is very helpful and placing my order was easy. And my order came quickly and in perfect condition. I am happy with the whole experience and thank you for that.
Nancy (Minnesota)
"Superior customer service!"
Thank you for the superior customer service! You are wonderful to take care of clients the way that you do. Please pass on my approval with Affordable Agility and my honest appreciation. My dogs, Lightning and Chip appreciate you too! You're a blessing; thank you again.
Anne (Texas)
"Prompt Shipping"
Thank You!! I already belong (to your email list) and really enjoy the videos. I will now have a complete set of backyard obstacles that I have bought from you. Your prompt shipping is great and package and directions are wonderful. I love how all the pieces of one jump are lumped together so there is no mistake on figuring them out. My dog is now a star at dog school. Thank you.
I love my VersaWeaves! They arrived in good time and were simple to set up. My young dog is doing very well in them. How simple to just move the poles in closer when the dog is ready! I used to struggle with measuring and moving stick-in-the-ground poles for training. This system beats anything I've seen.
Janee (Oregon)
"Competition Adjustable Jump"
My dog just started Agility foundations and they have this very product they train with - I just received mine after trying to use my own homemade ones to save a little money, I should have ordered this in the beginning, this product is an excellent investment and great price! Well worth it! I will be looking into their other products now.
"Friendly Staff"
I love your products and will continue to buy from you as well as recommend your company. Great products, great service and warm and friendly staff. Have a wonderful New Year!
"Better than Advertised!"
Awesome product with great directions. Smooth PVC that will be easy to assemble and take apart between uses. Better than advertised. Expect hours of fun for our Maltese and us!
Paul (Florida)
Very organized and easy to assemble. My dog loves it and it is simple to store or take apart. Can't wait to use the bag when traveling!
Elizabeth (Florida)
"I Love It!"
Just received my panel jump and I have 3 words… I LOVE IT!! Took all of 5 minutes to assemble & setup. I wanted it to train & practice for obedience retrieve over high jump and for jumping exercise. This is perfect... thank you!
Connie (North Carolina)
"Agility in a Bag"
Just wanted to send a heart felt thank you for shipping to the high arctic in Canada. I received my package and had it out for the first time today. I am really excited to be able to bring dog agility here and wanted to extend my thanks to your company! The agility in a bag set is a perfect starter kit for me and extremely practical and easy to pack to and from the tundra.
"Pampered Paws"
The (Pamered Paws for) pause table instructions were easy to read and understand and the materials applied easily to the table top. I even have rubber pellets and glue left over. Thanks.
Amazing customer service and outstanding products. It doesn't get better than that! Thank you.
"Love them"
Received my weaves poles today. Love them. Thank you for the detailed instructions. It took me less time to put them together than to unwrap them. Thanks!
Thanks for making a great product. Ours is ready for it’s second dog. It’s a great, simple to use, easy to store agility set to get these dogs off to a good start and provide hours of good training for them.
John (Kentucky)
I have been searching for a quality agility set for home use with our active little Miniature Schnauzer, Gracie Blue. I just received this product yesterday and was very pleased with the quality of the pieces. Everything was there and the instructions were CLEAR so I put it together lickety-split and introduced each item to Gracie Blue. SHE LOVED IT!
Everett (Washington)
"Very pleased"
Wanted to let you know that we are very please in your equipment! We have bought equipment from different Vendors and yours is awesome. Thanks for the fast delivery! Thanks again.
"Love it!"
We got our new portable teeter yesterday. I love it! The pieces fit easily together and we were able to start using it immediately. Here is what I like about it: 1. It breaks down into components that are easy to store out of the weather. I never had room to store a full size teeter before. 2. The non-slip surface is easy for the dogs to travel across quickly. 3. Everything fits together well. 4. I can train every day instead of waiting for a few minutes in a weekly lesson. 5. You guys provide great customer service. Thanks again!
"Fair price - Great product"
I have ordered several items from you in the past... Had horrid experiences with another company who sells obedience and some agility equipment. I am very impressed with the customer service, response to emails and overall professionalism. I also think you offer a fair price for a great product.
"Well made..."
The Rocker Board is well made. It really helped my dog build confidence. He is now using the teeter because of it.
Audrey (oklahoma)
"5 stars and cheers!"
5 stars and cheers for Affordable Agility… Absolutely wonderful addressing questions and concerns. The Practice Crawl Tunnel is thoughtfully packaged /instructions are clear and concise. A young friend (11 years old) and I assembled it in about 20 minutes. The unit looks like the photo / fabric is attractive, unit is stable, easy to move, and cost effective to ship.
"Lost art? Nope!"
Thank you! Your customer service skills are awesome. That is a lost art nowadays. I am very impressed with your company. Thanks again.
I wasn't expecting much because of the low price, but it turned out to be an awesome product. I have a blue heeler/german shepard mix that I wanted to train in agility. I am new to the sport, so this product looked right up my alley. It was ready to assemble right out of the box. I started with the weave poles. While using it, the poles stayed on and in place while I was training. It was ready to disassemble and store when not in use. I would recommend this to those wanted to try their hand at agility training. It gives you the basics to get started at an affordable price.
"Great products"
Hello! I thought I would take a minute to thank you for your wonderful customer service and your great products. We have weaves, hoops, and jumps and at various time have set them up in our yard, at the park, and even in our dining room!
"Stick in the ground weaves"
Weave pole set is nice quality - the stakes, though plastic, seem very sturdy. I've set these up and taken them down several times now. It's been easy and I haven’t had any issues.
Lora (North Carolina)
"Practice tunnel"
I meant to let you know how satisfied I am with the agility practice tunnel I bought from you. It is very substantially constructed, so even when my welsh terrier puppy drags it around a bit, it resists destruction! The perfect size, perfect weight and so easy to compress it for storage. Thank you for your excellent customer service too.
Kathi (New Mexico)
"Great product!"
5 out of 5 stars. This is an all around great hurdle. It has a ton of different height settings and the bars easily topple over if the dog makes contact with it, thus preventing them from getting hurt. If no contact is made however, the bars stay nice and sturdy in their designated height. Great product!
Will (Maryland)
"Highly recommended"
Excellent & affordable equipment for a home agility course. Couldn't be more pleased & my dog loves everything. Tunnel is high quality & jumps have breakaway bars so you can rest at ease your dog won't be injured. Highly recommended!
Lisa (New York)
Wow! Thanks!! You guys are the best. Great product and unbeatable customer service. Thank you! My baby dog will enjoy her channel weaves while her older 'brother' can still practice with the closed ones. Perfect. Thank you again!
Diane (Georgia)
"Customer service"
Half of my adult life was spent managing a Customer Service Dept. Let me just say, from a customer service perspective, YOU have convinced me I'm dealing with the type of people I LOVE doing business with, and I'm a pretty tough consumer!
"Versa Weaves"
The set of VersaWeaves arrived this week and I have put them together... they are exactly what I was looking for... and my young dog is transitioning to them very quickly. Finally - Someone came up with the engineering for what I have envisioned for years... you move the poles, not the base when training channel weaves!
This was much higher quality than I expected based on the pictures! It is very sturdy, but easy to put together! We are having so much fun!
"Quality Equipment"
All of the items arrived yesterday. The way you packaged everything made it even easier than imagined to assemble it all! Thank you so much for providing quality equipment at an affordable price. My dogs, as well as my clients' dogs, are thrilled!
"Built Solid"
Just wanted to let you know my mini A-Frame arrived today in great shape. Love it... man, that thing is built solid! But, this 120lb woman in her 60's had no problem setting it up. I sort of cringed splurging that much money on dog agility equipment; but I have to say this is a quality piece that looks like it will last for many years... well worth the price. The hinge design at the apex is great. No chance of the dog getting a toenail caught. The dogs feel very secure on it. The coating is attractive and gives them very good footing. Thank You
"Excellent Service"
Thank you for your very efficient attention to my order. I look forward to receiving it and I will certainly tell my friends and colleagues about the excellent service I received at Affordable Agility. Best regards!
"Well Engineered Equipment"
Just to let you know that my new agility equipment arrived on Friday and I set it up right away. My dogs are doing great on the jump that presents as a solid wall. That is just what Irish Setters need to learn to respect a jump. I highly recommend it for bigger dogs. Thank you for the prompt service and well-engineered equipment.
"Pleasantly Suprised"
We love your equipment!! Pleasantly surprised at how sturdy and big it is. Will be recommending to all of our advanced clients and in touch when we need more. Thanks again!
"Love the Quality"
The first product I ever bought from you was the "agility in a bag," many, many years ago. Can't even tell you how many years of fun my dogs and I had with that set. They have since passed on at ripe old ages, and now I have a new puppy. Love the quality of your products; so that in addition to the original set, I've added on your teeter... and now the A-Frame!
"Smooth Transactions"
Thank you very much. It is always thorough and smooth transactions with your company. We will be continued customers.
Thank you so much for providing an excellent product. The instructions were 100% clear and the various products were well labelled and identified. If only all products we bought online were as well done.
Jennifer (Maryland)
"Best Experience"
Love the product. Especially loved the user friendly assembly directions. The parts for each agility item were wrapped together and labelled. Best assembly experience I have ever had. The agility items are a good quality too. I'm 100% satisfied.
"Top Notch!"
I am very pleased with my order. It arrived sooner than expected. It looks just like the picture and the quality is top notch.
Cynthia (New Jersey)
"I really like your website!"
I really like your website! I will be buying all my products from you guys from here on out and shared it with my agility friends on Facebook. Thank you!!!!
"Super Impressed"
Just received my new teeter and contact trainer. Once again I am super impressed with your quality in products. This is my second order from you guys, and I will continue to be a repeat buyer. Thank you to all your crew for their workmanship and customer service personal too! Much appreciated…
"I like your products!"
Thanks for taking care of me! It arrived today and everything is o.k., good quality as usual, well wrap for transport and nice colors for dogs. I like your products! Thanks again and have a good week at work and with dogs!
"PVC Dog Walk – Awesome!"
Hi, I have just finished assembling one of your Dog Walks and want to tell you want a great job you did in the design of the PVC - totally awesome - and also the directions. The directions are really great, it went together great, no problems. Who ever came up with this deserves a giant atta-boy or atta-girl. Great to get something like this that you know is going to be like the Christmas presents we used to get for the kids that said - some assembly required - and in this case someone has taken the time to assemble the pieces using the directions they have written. All of the pieces were there and fit perfectly. I don't know who assembled the PVC but they did a great job, if I had to assemble the PVC it would never have gotten built. Anyway, it is great and our puppy loves it.
"Very easy to set up!"
All the equipment arrived today. Very easy to set up! I love the pause table and so do my two Irish setters. The Travel Jump Set is perfect for practicing figure 8 exercises and I plan to take the portable set up to ISCA Nationals in a week. Also, my dogs picked up right away on the weave wires. I think it is going to help them at lot. Thank you!
"A Big Thank You!"
A big thank you for all your excellent assistance and help with my order. Liaising with you made me feel confident in placing the order and also that my order would arrive in one piece. I do appreciate all your advice and help, it's much welcomed.
"Very Satisfied!"
When I opened the boxes, I have to admit the contents were overwhelming. Lots of poles and connectors and I am the least mechanically inclined person I know! Yet even I was able to set up five hurdles, the tire jump, the weave poles, and the tunnel all in about fifteen minutes. Our two German Shepherds were busy training in no time. And, when the session was over, everything fit easily into the two bags provided with my order ('Agility in a Bag' and 'Travel Jump Set'). We are very satisfied. Thank you!
"Thank you!"
What wonderful customer service... You can be sure I will tell all my agility friends what a top-notch team you all are. I can't say enough about your competent, friendly service. Thank you so much. I hope to see you in the spring for a new A-frame! Now I wouldn't go anywhere else.
Our obedience instructor thought the Panel Jump was without a question great … lightweight, easy to move without the panels falling off, and very functional. It was the first time I saw an affordable Panel Jump and I too was impressed. Nice Jump!
"We're having so much fun!"
Wow! The Channel Weaves I purchased were a huge success. I'm pretty new to Agility and when attending an Agility training class with my Spinone I thought it almost impossible to teach her the weave poles. I decided to purchase the channel weaves from your company hoping your instruction would help! I was amazed at how fast my dog mastered the skill. Within two weeks she was running those weaves like a pro. Well, almost! :) Thank you so much! We're having so much fun!
"A pleasure to work with..."
Thank you and Affordable for everything. You delivered a quality product on time for a very fair price. When I called, you were all very cordial and a pleasure to work with. If anybody within my Agility circles is looking for a backyard agility apparatus, I will definitely recommend they look to your web site.
Barry (New Jersey)
"Very pleased with the quality..."
I wanted to let you know that my husband and I were very pleased with the quality of the equipment. We have two big dogs in agility and the weave poles and jump are very sturdy! We will definitely be ordering from you again!
Anne (Texas)
"A real pleasure to do business with..."
Thank you for being so very helpful and accommodating. It's a real pleasure to do business with someone who is so easy to work with and places such a priority on customer service - a rare find these days. Just want you to know it is appreciated.
Misty (Pennsylvania)
"Very timely and professional..."
Your company is absolutely first-rate. Both orders that I have placed with you were handled in a very timely and professional manner. I am very satisfied with the quality of the products received. Keep doing what you are doing!
Dan (Ohio)
Got the guides and they're GREAT!!!! Thank you for making them. They're nice and light weight so that I can leave them on and up out of the way for those in my class who don't need them. Then they lower quite easily for those that do need them. VERY NICE PRODUCT!!!
Gail (California)
"A great job..."
Affordable Agility does a great job! My backyard agility set is getting larger and larger because I can afford equipment from you!
"Every question answered incredibly quickly..."
First, let me tell you I'm brand new to agility. I placed an order for a jump and the weave poles yesterday from your company. Every question I've had has been answered incredibly quickly and I received an email regarding my shipping costs being reduced. Everyone has been so polite and helpful. My border collie and I are excited to begin our fun!
Connie (Ohio)
"I always encourage them to buy from your site..."
I have enjoyed giving my business to your company since I started this sport with my two dogs. Whenever people ask about agility equipment I always encourage them to buy from your site!
Roxanne (California)
"Very pleased with the order..."
Just received my delivery of the weave poles. What wonderful delivery service!! Very quick. I can't believe I already have them and am putting them together for use. I just ordered them a few days ago. Very happy with the quality also and how easily they go together. And they look very nice even though they are the practice ones. Very pleased with the order. I also previously ordered a tunnel a couple months ago and that has worked out so well. Very happy with that also. Thanks to your company for providing affordable yet well made agility equipment.
Karen (Ohio)
"An enthusiastic 8 Paws Up..."
I wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with the quality of the jumps as well as the quality of your service. Your jumps are a delight to work with because they are sturdy and do not fall apart like other training jumps that I have used. In fact, your two jumps have received an enthusiastic 8 Paws Up seal of approval from my Border Collie Tory and my Scottie Tavi and will enhance our backyard training immensely. My thanks for making quality agility equipment for backyard practice truly affordable.
Mary-Ellen (Texas)
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