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Quick tip for beginners: The Bar Jump is the "core" of agility, used the most in competitions.  For simple practice it is fine to have one or two jumps. For more challenging exercises (such as rows and pivot squares) it is ideal to have four jumps.  If you are starting off in agility and wonder which jumps to start with, we suggest the basic "bar" jump (either the Economy-Adjustable Jump or the Competition one listed next).  Second, a Tire Jump adds a colorful and different jump to your selection.  For more challenging work, a Double or Triple Jump.  The Broad Jump and the Panel Jump (the "wall") are also good, especially for those also involved in obedience competitions.  These are just some suggestions.  Happy jumping!

When training Jumps, some common call words to use are: Over, Jump, Hup, Up. (more call names)

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Adjustable Bar Jumps:

dog agility jumpEcono-Adjustable Jump 
A simple ADJUSTABLE training jump so affordable you can buy a bunch!

Competition Adjustable Jump (Fixed Base) 
One of the best quality jumps you'll find anywhere!  Among our best sellers.

Competition Adjustable Jump (Freestanding Base) 
One of the best quality jumps you'll find anywhere - now with a freestanding base! Among our best sellers.

Lattice Wing Jump 
All plastic pvc pipe with 1-1/4" OD that is sturdy, UV stabilized and furniture grade, makes for a jump that can sit outside all year long.

Teacup Adjustable Jump 
A cute, affordable, ADJUSTABLE competition teacup jump!

Common obstacle in agility trials, requiring your dog to jump as equally long as he does high.  These jumps are sturdy and fully adjustable.

Panel-Jump (Competition)
Common to both agility AND obedience trials, the panel jump is like a "wall" the dog has to jump over.  Also used in obedience training and trials.

Puddle Jumper
Yet another original design from Affordable Agility! Like an ordinary adjustable jump, the top bar displaces (falls off) if the dog hits it. But the Puddle Jumper also shoots a vertical spray of water.

Add-on Wings

Wings  Now SEVEN different styles to choose from!
Wings are great for teaching your dog to work farther away from you.  Attach these wings to any of the above jumps, or to jumps you already own. 

Tire Jumps

Practice Tire Jump 
A special design on this obstacle is perfect for simple backyard practice. One of our most popular obstacles!

Competition Tire Jump
A bigger tire, a bigger frame - all-in-all, just bigger and better. Recommended for frequent height adjustments.

Breakaway Tire Jump
This high quality competition tire jump is the ultimate in safety and design.

Teacup Tire Jump
The most charming competition tire jump you'll ever see! Totally for teacups.

Hydro Hoop
Take one of our most popular agility obstacles, add water, and you get the Hydro Hoop - an exclusive creation from Affordable Agility!

Broad (or Long) Jump

Practice Broad / Long Jump 
Ascending lightweight boards "nest" inside each other for portability and comes with 4 marker poles.  Also used in obedience training and trials.

Competition Broad / Long Jump
Built to the newest AKC obstacle specifications, this top quality competition Broad Jump, also sometimes called a Long Jump, features sturdy boards, marker poles, and a completely weather proof construction.

USDAA Competition Broad / Long Jump
All materials, dimensions, and performance of construction, meet or exceed USDAA criteria to be considered competition use.

Miscellaneous Jumps:

Flip-adjustable hurdles that can help your dog be a stronger competitor.

Water Jumps 
Our exclusive obstacle creations combine agility with water for the ulimate challenge! Introducing the Hydro Hoop, Puddle Jumper, Doggie Drencher, and Aqua Hurdle. See the online video!

Travel Jump Set  Portable Set of 4 Adjustable Jumps
Perfect for quick and easy set-up at a park, beach, indoors or out.

Duffle Jumps 
Fixed-height Conditioning Jumps.  Very affordable for setting up challenging multi-jump exercises such as rows and squares. They easily take apart and you can fit a bunch in a duffle bag.

Window Jump 
Unique jump used in K-9 training and some agility trials.


"E-Z Sacks" 
Hold your obstacles down securely with these small, economical sand bags.

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