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  "Open" Tunnels... 

Quick Choice Tip:  Affordable Agility offers two kinds of tunnels: "Practice" or "Competition".  For simple backyard use, the practice tunnel is perfectly suitable (and more affordable). It is our best seller, and even many dog clubs are happily using it.  But if you are more serious in the sport and want to induce speed, and/or you will be using the tunnel for many dogs and/or you would like to leave the tunnel outside in any and all weather, the competition tunnel is a better investment.  It is much heavier, sturdier, and is basically indestructible. 

When training the tunnel, some common call words to use are: Tunnel, Zoom or Through.  (more call names)

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Practice Tunnels  Our most popular obstacle!
These are the perfect tunnels for basic agility training and backyard fun. Now available in FOUR sizes. Collapsible & easy to store.

Competition Tunnels  Competitive prices for Competition Quality
Heavy-duty and virtually indestructible - variety of sanctioned sizes and colors.

Competition Teacup Tunnel
Perfect for competition or practice, this tunnel is wonderful for toy dogs.

Tunnel Holders...

"E-Z Sacks" 
Small and economical sandbags that are easy to use. They help prevent your practice tunnel from blowing away in the wind, as well as help to stabilize your tunnel when your dog runs through it. They can also be used to hold down other obstalces such as jumps, teeters and more. If using with a tunnel, we recommend using these with practice tunnels only, not heavier competition tunnels.

Can be used with practice and competition tunnels. Put sand in these tunnel bags, place over the end of your tunnel, and you have a winning combination to hold your tunnel securely in place. From the normal jostling of your dog running through it, or a gusty wind, your tunnel will stay put.

Pro-Series Saddlebags 
Just like the regular saddlebags but with added benefits. These truly are the best of the best.

Braces for Competition Tunnel -OR- Braces for Practice Tunnel
Though these do not have the "holding power" of traditional sandbags, they have the advantage that they lightweight and easy to move around with your tunnel still in them.

More Tunnel Items...

Crawl Tunnel 
Used in UKC trials and for K9 training, challenges dogs to crawl through low places.

crawl tunnel

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