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Competition Weave Poles...

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For the fast, furious, and serious, these weaves are built tough! They meet and exceed the most recent competition specifications.


  • All aluminum thick bases are stronger and more rigid than even steel weaves.
  • Each 6-pole set is divided into three portable 2-pole sets that connect together securely.
  • You can use the individual 2 pole sets as 2x2 training weaves.
  • Stable cross-support feet at every pole and are opposite the path your dog runs.
  • Spiral shank ground stakes have better gripping power in different soil conditions, and the low profile head is safe for your dog s feet. Six ground stakes are included with each 6-pole set.
  • Low profile base is safe for dogs feet.
  • Base connectors are low profile and easy to use. We even include an extra connector if you choose to expand later.
  • Poles are 40" tall, UV stabilized pvc that will not deteriorate in sunlight.
  • 24" pole spacing meets requirements for most agility venues, including USDAA, AKC, and CPE.
  • Solid aluminum posts unscrew from base making for easier transport and storage.
  • Vinyl decorating tape that gives better pole visibility for your dog, or optional tapeless alternating yellow and blue weave poles.
  • Easy to read assembly and training instructions.
  • Reasonable shipping.
  • Includes everything you need, right out of the box!

    • Wire guides - available option to assist in training.
    • Upgrade to VersaWeaves - just like the Competition Weaves, only better!
    • Tapeless alternating yellow and blue weave poles. Meets newest AKC obstacle specification standards.

    TO ORDER...Type Quantity & Click Add to Cart:

    Competition Weave Pole Set (AKC, USDAA, and CPE):
    (24" pole spacing with 40" pole height)

    6-pole AKC 24" Competition Weave Pole Set ...$279
    Upgrade: Alternating Blue & Yellow Tapeless Poles (6 count) ...$10.00
    12-pole AKC 24" Competition Weave Pole Set ...$489
    Upgrade: Alternating Blue & Yellow Tapeless Poles (12 count) ...$20.00

    Competition Weave Pole Set (TDAA - ONLY FOR SMALL DOGS):
    (21" pole spacing with 30" pole height)

    These are available only as "Competition Versa-Weave Pole Sets". Click Here to see them.


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